Celebrating 10 years of karaoke rentals

Written by Sean on Thursday, 2 February, 2023

It seems like just yesterday that we were driving to our first karaoke rental. It was a cold and sunny day in London and we were anxious to have our first customers test our machine.

From humble beginnings…

At that time our system was clunky and a little ugly and the app was nowhere as sleek as it is now, but we already knew it was thousands of times better than the alternative at the time: messing with binders and CDs.

Having tested it ourselves with friends, we were 98% sure they’d have a blast feeling like superstars singing in their own home.

Luckily, we were correct. They had too much fun.

We’re grateful for all our karaoke customers over the years…

As we look back, we’re grateful for all our loyal customers and all the people we’ve met along the way. They’re what motivated us to keep working towards making our system the system to rent for the best karaoke parties ever.

We’ve come a long way…

Our vision has always been to provide a karaoke system that is versatile and adaptable to our clients’ party needs, incredibly easy to use and so much fun. We’re proud to say we’ve come a long way in realizing that vision. Ten years in and we’re in 15 cities throughout Canada, have 35 karaoke systems and have facilitated over 2793 parties!

Let’s celebrate with 10% off!

To celebrate, we’re offering everyone 10% off until March 31 with the code CELEBRATE10!